Pizza and Sangria!

During this past weekend my best-friend came to visit us with her boyfriend. We celebrated by making everyone dinner. Yes, the cat tried to help us too! We made a mix of white and red wine sangria with cut up fruit. And, there were two pizzas made. One with dairy and one without dairy (all for me). This is great for having friends over because it is cute and simple to make. Pizza is always a good choice because the toppings can be picked according to everyone’s taste and certain sections can have certain toppings to please everyone. We used the Chef Boyardee’s Pizza Maker Kit. The dough is dairy-free and the parmesan cheese comes in a separate packet. Break the dough in half once it has risen and make 2 small/medium pizzas and use the cheese on the dairy-eaters’ pizza. We used additional mozzarella cheese on the dairy pizza with some basil and pepperoni. My pizza was way more interesting. 😀 I had basil, fake “Go Veggie” mozzarella shreds, pepperoni, crushed pineapple and shredded ham. The box pizza kit is great because the directions are right on the box. I only leave the dough out slightly longer for about 30-40 minutes instead to rise and cover canola oil all around the ball of dough. Also, while shaping the pizza, extra flour will help make it set, but try not to push the pizza dough into the pan or it may stick to the pan while baking. FullSizeRender (3)



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